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Handcrafted Ornate Star Chime

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Handcrafted Ornate Star Chime

This beautiful chime is just magnificent with intricate cut-out work! Has nine bells that make beautiful sounds and decorative glass disks adorning the chains. 

Product Features:

  • Type: Wall Art or Garden Chime.
  • Colors: Gold Brass and multi-colored glass beads.
  • Materials: Recycled Iron and glass.
  • Lacquer finish, lead free.
  • Dimensions: Approx. 23 inches from top to bottom and 10 inches wide.Indoor/Outdoor. Handmade by artisans at a family workshop in Behat, India
    • Cone Bells are approximately 1.5 inches tall and just under 1 inch at the base.
    • Glass disks are approximately 1.25 inch diameter.
    • Chains measure approximately 3 inches long
    • Handmade by artisans at a family workshop in Behat, India