Soapstone Elephant Tea Light-Black Finish

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Soapstone Elephant Tea Light-Black Finish

A fun way to add an artisan touch to your home, office or outdoor space.

Elephants are a symbol of strength, and a reminder of support for anyone facing a long, hard journey.

  • Measures approximately 2.5-inches tall by 4-inches long by 1.75-inches wide.
  • Hand-painted in a lustrous black finish with etched design detailing
  • Holds a standard size 1.5-inch tealight, votive candle
  • Soapstone is a soft, natural mineral from the earth, making it easy to carve into many forms. Handle with care to avoid breakage. 
  • Each piece has gone through multiple stages of sanding and waxing, giving the soapstone a satiny finish 

Story Behind the Art:

Hand-carved from a single piece of Kisii soapstone, found only in the hills of southwestern Kenya. Mining the soapstone from surface hills is a labor-intensive process, using little to no machinery. Laborers works with shovels, picks, axes and machetes to carve out large soapstone chucks, which are then carved into beautiful art.